Monday, December 9, 2013

Project: stockings

Tis the season for projects upon projects!

We didn't opt for a fireplace when we built our house -- wanting to save a few grand and do it later -- which is totally fine.... Except for when Santa tries to come... Then what do we do with our stockings?!

So I thought I'd make a place to hang them. But I wanted it to be a fun Christmassy plaque. 

The finished product:

So I started out with a plain piece of MDF (about 9 inches tall & 24 inches long) which was left over from our bench project. I painted it white using left over paint from our house being built and while the paint dried, I typed up the phrase "and the stockings were hung..." And flipped through all the different text options. I finally settled on "American typewriter - light" (on our Mac btw) and printed the phrase landscape so it could fit decently on the page.

I don't have a great freehand when it comes to painting so I printed off the phrase and taped it to the board. 

I then traced the letters with a sharpie, going over each letter about 3 times. 

I then peeled off the tape & paper to reveal my "imprinting". 

It actually turned out perfectly. Light enough to not be hard to cover up, yet dark enough that I could still tell where to trace. 

I decided to paint the "stockings" gold, to kinda pop out a bit more. So I started with that. 

Gold metallic paint $1.87 at Hobby Lobby (really, why go anywhere else??)

Then I pulled some black paint up from the basement (again left over from when we built our house) and painted the rest of the words black. 

Next I secured the knobs. You don't even have to ask... Yes Hobby Lobby!! $3.99 on sale 50% off. :)

Lastly I attached 4 command strips for picture frames. 

Super cheap at Walmart -- I think like $1.50? Micah picked them up for me so not positive but they were very cheap. 

I attached the 4 along the top, figuring it would hold all the weight anyway. 

Once they were all on, I smooshed them onto the wall, then removed the plaque and waited an hour to put back up (per the command strips instructions). 

Then finally the finished product!

I love how quick and easy this was and how the colors I chose don't take away from the fun bright stockings. 

merry crafting!

Xoxo Mandi 

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